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Creation 2021/2022

Mellow Yellow

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Production :
Sebastien Lhommeau and Judith Hillebrant


Artistic support:
Johan Lescop - Acting game 
Isabelle Leroy - Choreography


Design and creation by Ricardo S.Mendes and Les Ateliers de La Folle Allure - Guillaume Balès


On stage:

Ricardo S.Mendes - Juggler Dancer Juri Bisegna - Juggler Clown Musician Timothée Vincent- Acrobat


"What is a note of intention if the intention is not to be heard but visible. But obviously we are expected somewhere. Sometimes someone finds himself and he gets lost , moreover there is always a door to give the mark. It turns out that we don't have the keys, who has the keys?

A moving show, a moving show. Take care ! It moves within the perimeters, within the circumscribed perimeters …… within the perimeters of the circus favoring or not the local economy while destroying the grass of a space 5 by 5 with the will to cross the barriers that we have between us and ourselves.

If you want to take the show in hand you can, if you want …… you can take the show in one hand, put it next to your ear and listen to what is happening.

For Arthur's brother we are troubadours. We must become aware of this state, accept this situation, this social positioning, a troubadour is someone who finds a trombonite. We are completely in acceptance."


"Mellow yellow, it's a state of mind

What's your favorite colour, I think it's Mellow »

Creation 2024 / 2025


Fame takes up the concept of variety shows from the 70s. On set: the show's director, a presenter, a music group made up of four musicians and a group of dancer-artists made up of six circus artists. .s. Spectators will be considered as the public of a sitcom, ie directed, with panels "applause" or "laughs" for example.

The 70s evoke parties, showbiz, raves, Woodstock, hippie culture, the search for performance, the first steps on the moon...


The intention is not to make a parody of this era and the world of television, but rather to learn from its codes, question them and create parallels with the present. The public will be able, throughout the show, to make connections between the political and societal questions of the time and those of today. Ecological claims, social inequalities, gender-related issues... many are the topics that still resonate today.


The show will first respond to the rules of glamor but little by little interruptions will show behind the scenes of filming; ridicule, sexism, abuse of power, public manipulation, etc.


Fame will defend a demanding circus technique: acrobatics, lifts, juggling, aerials. With this same search for performance intended for entertainment accessible to all, as in the programs which inspired Fame.

The music will mix covers of classic songs from the 70s and songs with more current arrangements.


"Advertising" interludes will punctuate the show and will be adapted to each place where Fame will play. By highlighting, with the codes of the 70s, the structure that welcomes us, the baker on the corner of the street, the sports association of the village, we will create spatio-temporal links between past and present.


We would also like to invite local artists (,, amateur choir, etc.) to perform an interlude and answer a short interview, leaving room for a small range of improvisation in the show.

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Production :
Judith Hillebrant

settingstage :

Ricardo S. Mendes

Francoise Fognini


Ricardo S. Mendes

Technical direction:
Pablo Fraile


On stage:

Ricardo S. Mendes - Timothé Vincent - Mara Procacci - Réhane Arabi - Ines Arabi - Justin Collas - Elisa Bitschnau - Léna Reynaud - Simon Tabardel - Timothée Vierne - Joseph Reynaud


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TBTF is a multidisciplinary circus collective. After ten years of human and artistic sharing, we are happy to meet at 20 to carry out this project.


We come together with the common desire to explore the living arts. From different cultures, disciplines and training, we pool our knowledge and backgrounds for the benefit of creation.

We met for the most part at the circus school of Sainte-Croix (LeZarti'Cirque) in Switzerland, then at the circus school of Lyon (ECL). We continued our studies and training in various circus, dance and clown schools. Today we are settling in Bourg Saint Andéol in Ardèche with the aim of creating solo, duo, trio and large collective, for theaters, capitals, urban and rural spaces. We also want to carry out social circus projects, a way for us to meet a variety of audiences.


The various artistic proposals of the TBTF collective leave a central place to the circus, while including other forms of expression. Our distinct projects are linked by a common creative effort and a desire to share within the collective.

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